15 Gifts to Spoil the New Moms in Your Life


Although it’s exciting to receive gifts that you wouldn’t normally purchase yourself, let’s be real: if you’re a new mama, you’d probably just prefer some help! But most of us would agree that asking for help is easier said than done. So, I’ve put together a list of gifts for new moms who could use a helping hand.

Each of these gift ideas is meant to offer support without judgment. I encourage every friend, partner, neighbor, and everyone in between to think about how they can offer an outstretched hand or a thoughtful gift to a new mom.

It can be as simple as swinging by to pick up their mountain of laundry, drop off some groceries, deliver a home-cooked meal, or offer an hour of your time for a no-holds barred vent session.

Whatever you choose to gift the new mom in your life, remember it’s always the simple things that go a long way! Read on to discover 10 gifts that will pamper and spoil them. 

Affirmation Cards

Give the new mom in your life all the encouragement they need with these thoughtful cards. Remind them to embrace motherhood with open possibility and joy, to face each day with positive, radiant energy.

My favorite set is from FourthTrimesterMama on Etsy. Her warm and vibrant decks of 20 affirmation cards (printed front and back) hold 40 uplifting messages to affirm new moms and remind them that they’re rocking motherhood. Plus, these decks empower women to have a positive postpartum experience.

Instead of tips on how to get babies to sleep through the night, they’ll be reminded of the wonderful mom they are and that their baby loves them. No one will be questioning their feeding choices, instead, they are reminded that motherhood is not a competition. As opposed to telling them how to lose the baby weight, they will be reminded how amazing their body is for birthing, nourishing, and protecting their baby. Now that’s the positivity every new mama needs. 

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Love Coups Coupon Book

If you are the friend or partner of a new mom, this one is for you. Create a coupon book with tasks you’re willing to take over so mama can have a moment to rest. This could be anything from helping them meal prep to coming over to grab their laundry and return it clean and folded. Get creative!

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W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle

Staying hydrated as a new mom is very important and especially if you’re breastfeeding. To keep an adequate supply, your intake must equal your output. New mothers make anywhere from 20 to 40 oz of breastmilk a day, so naturally, your body will require more fluid in addition to your daily intake without breastfeeding which is about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women.

Gifting a new mama a water bottle will help remind them to stay hydrated. Make sure it’s dishwasher safe because let’s face it, mama has enough washing to do. Glass water bottles offer a chic and eco-friendly option. These Porter water bottles are made from durable, lightweight glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone. It is an eco-conscious and stylish replacement for disposable, plastic, or metal canteens. Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe and BPA-free!

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Storq Sitz Bath Soak

I am obsessed with the Sitz Bath Soak. Ideal for recovery, this thoughtful blend of all-natural ingredients is designed to provide immediate relief from post-birth discomforts. Truthfully, this relaxing soak is perfect for all new mamas who are adjusting to their new life. 

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Lunya Washable Silk Jumpsuit

It’s safe to say you don’t leave your home often for at least the first 30 days post-partum and you’re trying to nap whenever you can. Being in your PJ’s all day can get a little uninspiring, so why not gift your new mama elevated loungewear. Right now I’m loving the Lunya Washable-Silk Double V Jumpsuit. This super-luxe, transitional piece has a double V silhouette that’s a party in the back and a party in the front, with full-body front seam detail that gives it a chic edge. Oh, and since it’s washable silk, you can throw it straight into the machine with everything else. 

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Mate the Label Organic Terry Raglan Sweatshirt

I’m also all so in love with my sweat set from MATE the Label. MATE is a clean essential brand made sustainably in Los Angeles with non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. There are so many chic colors to choose from, but I went with “Bone.” Use BRANDY20 for 20% off!

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Sourcery The Laurie Button Down 

As a former stylist, it is my professional opinion that you can never go wrong with a classic white button-down. They’re so easy to breastfeed in and can easily be paired with your sweats for a quick Zoom meeting. 

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Glamsquad Pampering Session 

Let’s face it, for those first few weeks (and months) it’s hard enough to get a shower in let alone wash your hair, so bring the salon home to your new mama. She can choose from a haircut, a blowout, or makeup—whatever her pampering heart desires. 

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Group Coaching Session

The transition to motherhood is one of the biggest life changes you’ll ever make. Sometimes that transition can be unpredictable and you need a little support to get through it. Why not offer the new mama in your life an opportunity to get that support? Sign them up for a free coaching consultation and give them the resources for group coaching where they can share in the journey with other new mothers. 

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Sephora Collection Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Any and all kinds of pampering are a must when you are postpartum, and a rose quartz crystal mask will help your loved one take a breath for herself. I recommend keeping it in the fridge, so not only will it act help her relax, but the cool stones will soothe tired, puffy eyes as well.

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Glossier The Skincare Edit

It’s easy to let the skincare routine fly out the window while juggling a newborn, but this kit makes it easy to help her nourish her skin. All the ingredients are gentle and nourishing, which is just what her tender skin needs at this time since the influx of new hormones may cause breakouts. It includes a cleanser, a hydrating serum, a rich moisturizer, a healing all-purpose balm, a face oil, and a headband.

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COS Silk Neck Scarf

Having a lightweight scarf on hand is an absolute must. Not only does it help to cover up milk stains when they inevitably happen, but they are perfect for covering up dirty hair or adding a bit of flair to even the simplest of leisurewear. No one will think twice about running to the store in pajamas when you’ve got a sweet scarf fluttering at your neck. Just make sure it’s long enough to be functional, like this gorgeous mulberry silk scarf from COS.

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Supergoop Tropical Lip Shield SPF 30 Set

The dry hospital environment often leads to dry lips, making this antioxidant-rich set of three lip balms perfect for a new mom. She can throw one in a diaper bag, her purse, and have one on her coffee table for easy access. The fact that it also includes SPF 30 sun protection makes it a must-have when she’s running around outside with her new little one.

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Pipette To Mama with Love Gift Set

This lovely curated set made specifically with new mothers in mind includes a relaxing, sulfate-free body wash, a comforting lotion that features a plant-derived citrus scent, and an extra-rich belly butter to nourish and hydrate. They are clean, nontoxic, and EWG (Environmental Working Group) certified.

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Aesop Resurrection Duet

A lot of handwashing happens post-new baby. Help make it a luxurious experience with the ultra-chic, timeless Aesop Resurrection duo. It’s the kind of set you always dream about buying but can be difficult to justify splurging on for yourself. Now she can cleanse and nourish her hard-working hands with a gorgeous formula with a citrus, woody, and herbaceous scent.

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This post was originally published on April 12, 2021, and has since been updated.


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