Anya Taylor-Joy Hit the Emmys After-Parties in a Retro Lingerie Set and Cape


Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity to channel superhero vibes at an after-party this month. The Queen’s Gambit actress Anya Taylor-Joy was photographed leaving an Emmys after-party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in a vintage-looking Dior Haute Couture cream silk lingerie set with a cape. She wore a matching silk mask, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much ongoing.

anya taylor joy at an emmys after party


Taylor-Joy’s cream set complemented her decidedly more formal Dior Haute Couture gown and shawl she wore on the Emmys red carpet:

anya taylor joy at the 73rd primetime emmy awards

Rich FuryGetty Images

Taylor-Joy opened up to InStyle for its October issue about her journey figuring out who she wants to be publicly. “I really struggle with wanting to give everybody everything all of the time,” she started. “One of the things that I’ve learned recently is you have to do what makes you feel good, not what other people tell you should make you feel good. If you spend what little time you have off only doing things out of obligation, your soul suffers from it.”

She added that she also struggled throughout her life with people making flash judgements about her because of where she grew up. “I grew up feeling like people didn’t like or trust me because they couldn’t put me in a box,” she said. “I was always the Argentine girl in England. I was the English girl in America. I was the weird blend of both in Argentina, so I never really fully belonged.”

That experience influences her work: “To go from being somebody like Emma to Sandy to Beth [in The Queen’s Gambit], I thrive off that,” she said. “It is so much fun to be able to pick apart a different person and go, ‘Oh, how am I going to make myself either bigger or smaller to fit into their shoes?’ You end up working out some of your own shit that you didn’t even realize that you needed to work out because you’re clearly connected to that person for some reason. It’s very esoteric and wanky, I apologize. But yeah, I don’t appreciate boxes. I don’t think that is helpful to anybody or a very intelligent way of looking at human beings.”

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