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Privacy please! Take three weeks to slip into a cool, shady hiding spot as the Sun in amorous Leo plunges into your eighth house of intimacy, inner transformation and joint ventures. A reflective August, at least until the 22nd, is in store for you, Capricorn. Cancel the rowdy parties, silence your phone notifications and block off plenty of time to yourself. Feel free to ignore #LeoSeason memes about glamming up and getting fierce. For you, this is a time to go into “focus mode” and reserve your attention and considerable energy for a detailed project or a few close relationships. You’ll feel the allure of your purr—so prepare to bring sexy back with some extra self-care. Book a massage, take a dance class, be extra affectionate with your love interest. Relationships can deepen and become more exclusive. And with revved-up Mars in your worldly, expansive ninth house, a (safe) getaway someplace totally unfamiliar could be soul-shifting. From August 22 on, you’ll be ready to come back out and explore the wider world again when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Virgo and your ninth house of adventure, travel and risk-taking. Are you finally ready to book a trip or connect across the miles with someone who can broaden your horizons? Go now because you could be busy soon. The year’s rare second full moon arrives in your money and work house on August 22. With it could come a change of jobs, a new client or a (potentially lucrative) offer at your workplace. 

With the Sun taking its annual plunge through Leo and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and privacy until Sunday, August 22, you’ll feel like deep-diving into your most cherished personal goals and projects. The eighth house governs the space where we combine our resources—time, money, emotions, sex—into a greater and more powerful entity. Thinking of making an investment? Whether that’s in a piece of property, a hot new crypto coin or a relationship, Leo season has you curious about what happens when you energize something with your willpower and devotion.


Uh-oh! The first week of August could bring a heavy thud of pessimism and end with a side of chaos. On Monday, August 2, the Sun makes its annual opposition to your ruler, sober Saturn. Is money burning a hole in your pocket? This yearly clash turns up the heat in your finance zones. The pressure to tighten your purse strings could take hold, but some of this fear may just be a panicky response. No need to slash every pleasure from your life. A little conscious cost-cutting can go a long way toward bringing you back to black. Remember, every little bit counts! Start a special savings fund for pricier purchases. If an unwanted expense is looming, work out a payment plan instead of putting it off.


Put the kibosh on drama this Friday, August 5, because a tempestuous square between the ego-driven Sun and erratic Uranus (in your flamboyant fifth house, no less), could stir up jealousy or spark intense emotional outbursts when you least expect them. Feeling mercurial? Don’t stew over drinks or around irksome people. The more toxic ingredients you add to this gathering storm, the worse it could be when it makes landfall. Spend time with supportive and grounding friends doing something fun, laughing and treating yourself—no need to do it in a way that leaves you hungover or with regret.


Your laser focus gets an additional lunar lift from the Leo new moon on Sunday, August 8. What factors will make you feel certain going all the way? As a Capricorn, you need trust along with the lust. The fiscal floodgates also open today since the eighth house rules shared finances and assets. Put your feelers out and plant some seeds. With the right strategic moves, you’ll set yourself up for a six-month cycle of abundance. As you know, every little cost or earning adds up—so take consistent steps toward paying off debt, saving and investing.

Uranus turns retrograde in your dramatic fifth house on August 19

Uranus begins a five-month retrograde through your fifth house of fame, self-expression and love. Dial down the intensity between now and January 10, Capricorn. The disruptor planet is in Taurus for a long seven-year visit that began on March 6 and will end in April 2026. You may have noticed yourself acting much cheekier and a LOT less camera-shy this year. Maybe you’ve developed an attraction to a bad-boy/girl type or just gotten a lot edgier with the things you say. Your libido may also have woken up—and gone through the roof. Hey now!


Applause rightly goes to you for breaking out of any Capricorn confines since you tend to hold yourself back in public. (Behind closed doors is another story.) But have you become a bit TOO much of a Sea Goat gone wild? The temptation to rebel is intensified by shock jock Uranus, and as it tears through this passionate zone of your chart, drama could also ensue. An attraction—or a desire for attention—could be the source of this. Cue the breakup of Capricorns Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk after A Star Is Born. Who could deny his palpable chemistry with Lady Gaga (aclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” n Aries), both in the film and at their Oscars performance just days before Uranus entered Taurus?


With Uranus retrograde for the rest of the year, an old romance could resurface, but it could also create a bit of chaos—so think twice before you open that door. You might return to a back-burnered creative project or distance yourself from a situation that’s bringing up anger and tempestuous emotions.

On Sunday, August 22, the Sun shifts into Virgo and your expansive, optimistic ninth house for a month. Between now and September 22, you’ll feel inspiration return. You’ll be emboldened to take a chance on a visionary plan. Maybe you’ll plan an epic getaway, launch a business idea or return to school to pursue a passion. Don’t limit yourself—if the spirit moves you, now’s a great time to sign up for courses and expand your horizons through learning, entrepreneurial ventures or metaphysical study.



That same day brings 2021’s second full moon in innovative Aquarius (the first was on July 23), adding a special silvery glow to your second house of work, money and daily routines. The spotlight’s on your budget and routines now, Capricorn. Review your spending and saving. Tweak your budget and put a few solid habits in place to prepare for “back-to-school” season. 


Ready to change careers or just be more productive? Tap into the Aquarius full moon energy for support. If you’ve been wooing a client or going back and forth with negotiations, today brings a decisive moment. And if you keep banging your head on a glass ceiling, consider this: Maybe you’ve gone as far as you can in this role. Full moons can bring endings, so if it’s quitting time, here’s your exit strategy. 


Need a shot of courage? Also today, bold Mars in your no-limits ninth house will trine changemaker Uranus in your fearless fifth. You could surprise everyone, yourself included, by suddenly speaking your authentic truth—or up and liberating yourself permanently from a confining situation. 




Freedom is an aphrodisiac! For the first half of the month, both of the love planets take up residence in Virgo and your ninth house of travel, adventure and expansion. Sexy Mars is here until September 14, accompanied by Venus through August 16. Hello, refreshed perspective! After a July colored by intense tunnel vision, you’ll widen your perspective to a broader angle, which allows you to see more possibilities. If you’ve been stuck in an emotional drama, this sea change will help you focus on things that are much bigger and higher-minded than this. Nothing will hit the reset button faster than a spirited getaway, alone or a deux.


For many Sea Goats, freedom will become more critical than ever, but if you’re in a committed union or seeking one, the trick is finding a way to bake in that independence without rupturing trust. Single? This is a magical moment for meeting a fascinating new person close to home or while traveling. But if you rarely get a case of “grass is greener” syndrome, you could come down with quite a case of it while the love planets stir up romantic and sexual FOMO.


Fear not, Capricorn—your wandering eye and eternal restlessness is (mostly) temporary. On August 16, Venus relocates to Libra and your future-oriented, prestigious tenth house until September 10. This three-week period is great for making plans for your own expansion and, if you’re attached, for your shared life together. Put a VIP date on the books and dress to impress—playing “power couple” will give you a charge. Single? An office romance could spark, or you might meet someone through an industry event or at a professional conference. Hey, you never know!

Channel that laser-beam focus into a worthwhile pursuit, Capricorn. With the Sun in Leo and your eighth house of research, property and shared finances, a joint venture or a top-secret investment could be THE wealth-building tactic for you. You worked hard for this, and with go-getter Mars in your adventurous ninth house until mid-September, you undoubtedly took some calculated risks that are paying off. Although you’re not one to brag, you do like others to know (however quietly) when your sound decisions pay off. Dole that out lightly if at all now, Capricorn. And definitely steer clear of anything that could even accidentally come across as smug or superior now, especially since many people’s financial situations are still in flux from new pandemic curveballs. But feel free to make your money moves on the DL, especially at the August 8 Leo new moon (in your eighth house of wealth) and the rare second Aquarius full moon on August 22 in your earned income sector. Ready to quit your day job or go for the raise you’ve been working so hard for, Cap? Strike now while the iron is white-hot!

Love Days: 28, 5

Money Days: 12, 21

Luck Days: 10, 19

Off Days: 30, 8, 16



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