Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF August 30 – September 5, 2021

You’re never NOT hustling, Capricorn, but are you getting the results you desire? As agile Mercury leaps into Libra and your high-achieving tenth house this Monday, August 30, narrow your focus to a few key goals. When your aim is sharp like a laser, you’ll beam on all the right possibilities, the ones that take you further along your promising path. Mercury hovers here for an extended cycle, until November 5, which gives you ample time to complete a challenging mission. (Or missions…just not too many, please!) Expect slowdowns from September 27 to October 18 while the messenger planet is retrograde. That’s good reason to start building momentum NOW! If you line up all your ducks before then, you won’t stall out. In fact, you can use the backspin proactively to handle behind-the-scenes work.

Need to level up your contact database? During this socially savvy Mercury cycle, it won’t be hard to find your “in” with an elite cadre of movers and shakers. Are you an expert on a subject—or an avid fan? Why not position yourself as an influencer by teaching what you know or aggregating posts about the subject of your obsession? You’ll feel a strong nudge to step into the public eye as an expert over the coming two months. Follow it! Do you need to polish up your business materials or work with consultants and coaches? Invest in your professional growth and you’ll see major returns by November!

The truth shall set you free on Thursday, as long as people don’t misinterpret your messaging. But with foggy Neptune in your communication house opposing brash Mars, you run the risk of sound aggressive—even combative. No matter how clear you think you’re being, it won’t make a difference if you fail to be compassionate as well. People (you included) are prone to distraction. Keeping things TOO real could hurt a colleague or friend’s feelings. Slow down, be tactful and explain yourself a few extra times to be sure they truly get you. Sure, people “ought to toughen up”—but why take chances?

Most days, your savvy sign knows the difference between “competitive” and “cutthroat,” but Sunday’s stars could send you down a slippery slope. As attention-loving Venus in your tenth house of status tussles with manipulative Pluto in your aggressive first house, you might do anything to win (yes, even that). And while this could make you the victor of a battle, it could also unleash an ensuing war with the very people you need on your team. Check any authority issues that bubble up. If you made a mistake, take it on the chin instead of trying to justify something that’s not worth defending. Your pride may sting, but at least your loyalties will remain intact.

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