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With the flamboyant Leo Sun heating up your communication zone, August kicks off on a lighthearted and social note. The summer air will be positively buzzing with ideas and witty banter until August 22, just the way you like it. Since Gemini is the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, you’re truly in your element. And while you have a rep (sometimes) for being more talk than action, it’s actually better that way now. By mid-month, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are in powered-down retrograde. It’s a less favorable time for making big moves or heading off in new directions and much better for discussing the options. Talk and listen, broadcast and consume. And if most of your ideas end up on the cutting room floor, that’s fine for the moment. What’s most important is that you let your imagination flow. All it takes is one good idea to turn into something much bigger! Flap those butterfly wings because after August 22, you’ll want to fold them inward. The Sun slips into Virgo and your domestic, emotional fourth house, putting you in the mood for nesting and cozy time with your loved ones. But right before that happens, the second Aquarius full moon of 2021 seriously widens your horizons! Is global travel, a far-reaching indie business venture or a new course of study coming your way? An opportunity to expand and reach a widespread audience could arrive now.

With the bold Leo Sun heating up your communication sector until Sunday, August 22, peak summer delivers vibrant social experiences and a chance to connect with kindred spirits. Step away from the grind and go mingle. Been working hard on a pioneering project? Bring it to market and start spreading the news. Gemini is the celestial CEO of this chatty and clever zodiac zone, so you’ll feel extra energized by the playful, dramatic Leo sunbeams. Keep a journal or voice recorder handy: Your witty words are flowing! Writing, teaching and learning are all emphasized.


Warning: Your self-critical and controlling tendencies could emerge on Monday, August 2, when the Sun opposes rigid Saturn in Aquarius. At work, it could feel like nothing is good enough for your high (dare we say impossible?) standards. Maybe you need to go back to the drawing board a bit? Cancel any brainstorming sessions and do some deeper-diving research to make sure all your facts and figures line up. Polish a pitch and edit your words before you press “send” or “post.” Need to have a keep-it-real conversation with a friend or colleague? Setting clear parameters and expectations can make a huge difference now. 


Your boundless imagination and flair for comedic truth-stretching can be entertaining—but also a liability, Gemini. Watch the smack-talking and embellishing on Friday, August 6, when the Leo Sun squares off against shock jock Uranus in your twelfth house of hidden information. Curveball secrets could emerge, or you might suddenly recognize where you’ve been gullible and too trusting of the wrong person. Someone with a vendetta could use your fast-and-loose words as an attempt to #cancel you. Better to take a long weekend where you workshop your cutting-edge ideas behind the scenes. Avoid gossip like the plague since you don’t want anything from the rumor mill pinned on you!


Ready for even more inspiration and fun connection? The Leo new moon adds its motivating mojo to your social third house on Sunday, August 8. Collaborate with friends, picnic with your post-pandemic posse and enjoy some laughs and light-heartedness. You head will be filled with so many fresh ideas that your only challenge will be figuring out which to tackle first! 


During the next two weeks, prioritize projects that benefit a worthwhile cause or help you get more culturally immersed. Bounce ideas around with a kindred spirit. If you feel a synergistic spark, explore! But keep it light and experimental for now. You never know if you truly click on all the important levels until you test your chemistry. With this new moon in your media-savvy third house, you might co-launch a podcast or teach an online masterclass together. If you’re considering a move, check out a couple districts to see which neighborhood could fit the bill. Do you need to see people lining the streets and enjoy an intimate restaurant or packed coffee shop? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by urban life, not quite ready to emerge from your cocoon? Investigate your options!


Stop the press! Or at least choose who you confide in with care. Disruptor Uranus will start a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your healing, introspective twelfth house. For the next few weeks, all five of the slow-moving outer planets will be retrograde. Translation: Hold off on any major moves and changes if possible and take your time. Between now and January 18, 2022, prepare to take a deep dive into realms of yourself that you may not usually visit—ready or not. Uranus is the planet of surprises and sudden events. While it treads backward through this empathic zone, your emotions could swell up before you have a chance to catch or control them. You may feel wildly out of your comfort zone at moments, and learning the art of surrender will be a life-altering lesson.


Uranus is in Taurus until April 2026, so this won’t be an overnight process. But if you’ve been hanging onto resentment, self-soothing with addictive vices or indulging in any kind of escapism, prepare for a lightning bolt of truth from authentic Uranus. As the planet of liberation, the celestial shock jock makes it his mission to snap you out of denial and put you in touch with your truth. As Uranus swims through your mystical twelfth house, prepare for an interior revolution that could involve a spiritual awakening, an artistic renaissance or an emotional tsunami.


When Virgo season starts on Sunday, August 22, activating your domestic-bliss zone, hunker down at home base and hang the “me-time” signs. For the next four weeks, take a break from the social whirlwind and get grounded at Chateau Gemini. Clean, declutter and enjoy some family bonding. Savor quiet time and self-nurturing activities.


But with energizer Mars also in Virgo until September 14, you could be busy with lots of big household projects, a revolving door of guests or possibly even pregnancy news (yours or a close person’s). Searching for a new address? The galvanizing Sun and Mars could fast-track your relocation plans. 


Before you go into Full Hunkering Mode, prepare for expanded horizons! With 2021’s ultra-rare second Aquarius full moon also arriving today, look for news about a possible chance to travel, start a new business venture or publish your work. Under this influence, you can see the potential of the whole picture instead of just the disparate parts. With your mind and heart wide open, you become aware of so many possibilities—and your optimism is infectious. Look back to the February 11 Aquarius new moon and the first Aquarius full moon on July 23 for clues about what could manifest. An entrepreneurial venture could take flight, or you may decide to take a leap of faith around your dreams. This is a “go big” full moon, so don’t limit your options before you’ve explored them all.


Saying yes to your dreams may require saying no to draining people and their demands. If people have been treating you like their on-call (and unpaid) adviser, today’s liberating trine between assertive Mars and independent Uranus prompts you to break free. Empower them with the skills of self-sufficiency. Rather than letting them eat up an hour of your time with a mini-crisis, share a helpful article or book, or send a link to a meditation app. And if necessary, log in for a session yourself!





Feeling a little on the tender side there, Gemini? Keep-it-real Mars is in Virgo and your emotional, domestic fourth house This can intensify the desire to stay home, fluff the pillows and, because Mars is the planet of passion, turn down the bed. And with Venus also in Virgo until August 16, paired-up Geminis may slide into a bona fide couple bubble, not to come out till the second half of the month! Watch for a tendency to be thin-skinned. While Venus is bestowing loving, harmonious vibes, Mars is also stoking other emotions, like jealousy and insecurity, which could cause a regrettable outburst.


Ah, now that’s more like it! Starting in the second half of the month—from August 16 to September 10—vixen Venus escapes the (living) room and flits into Libra, setting your fifth house of passion and romance aglow. Your flamboyant and flirty side returns, helping you end summer in the mood for love and ready to have some fun with a playful plus-one.

Ready to level up, Gemini? While the Sun is in Leo until August 22, learn a new skill, connect with synergistic people and shift your mindset if you’ve hit a plateau. Your third house of communication and thought processes is energized now, especially at the August 8 Leo new moon. Do you sense kindred spirit chemistry with someone? Put it in writing, or at least get a conversation started to explore possibilities. By the time the Aquarius full moon illuminates your visionary ninth house two weeks later (on August 22), you’ll be ready to take that seed of an idea and make it even bigger. This is the rare second Aquarius full moon of 2021 (the first was July 23), delivering a double dose of inspiration. If you’re considering starting an indie business, returning to school or publishing your work, these beams could light your path.


Love Days: 12, 16

Money Days: 22, 5

Luck Days: 30, 21

Off Days: 28, 14, 19


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