Holiday Weekend Open Thread –


Wanted to share some nonfiction book recs for anyone who will have some reading time this weekend:

– Sunshine Girl by Julianna Margulies – she was one of my favorite actresses on ER but I never watched The Good Wife; didn’t know what to expect from this when I got it from the library. It’s a pretty fascinating memoir about her childhood, which was pretty unorthodox. It also goes into her (bad) relationship with Ron Eldard (who she doesn’t mention by name). She ended up meeting her now-husband after she broke off her 10+ year relationship with Eldard and had her son at 40. Not a lot of BTS juice about ER or Good Wife but a few interesting pictures of her with cast members. It’s a good story and an enjoyable (and pretty fast) read.

Uncanny Valley by Anna Weiner – I don’t know what it was about the author’s writing style, but this really sucked me in. The book’s gotten criticism for being about the tech industry when the author isn’t a technical professional, but I thought her “outsider’s perspective” was valuable. Once I started reading this, I couldn’t put it down.

Brat: An 80’s Story by Andrew McCarthy – I was in love with Andrew McCarthy circa St. Elmo’s Fire and Pretty in Pink so this was a fun read, although he doesn’t include very much juice about what happened on the the movie sets, etc. More about how he became an actor, what it was like being mega-famous as a very young adult, etc. He has a calm, engaging writing style. The book was a quick read and did contain some good gossipy bits, which I won’t spoil.

Please share out your recommendations (fiction or nonfiction, whichever!)!


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