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The decade is 1970, the dance floor is crowded, the era of disco is in full swing, and life is good. Thanks to hit songs from singers like Donna Summer and Diana Ross, the 1970s were all about disco music and clubbing style. Now, even forty years later, discotheques like Studio 54 are remembered for their glamorous and wild night scenes. In celebration of the groovy decade, take a look back at its heyday with these rare photographs.

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The disco era started in 1970 and reigned supreme until 1980. Clubgoers flock to the dance floor to dance to the popular music.

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Bianca Jagger on the dance floor with Chris Lawford at a disco club in 1970. If only we knew what song they were dancing to.

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A clubber is dressed to the nines in a trendy sequin halter gown, as she takes a break from the dance floor.

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Disco singer, Sylvester James, takes the stage with his band at Los Angeles hot spot, the Whisky a Go Go.

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Even rockers wanted a taste of the disco life. In 1973, the English rock band Faces celebrated their album release at Tramp, a London discotheque.

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Bright lights and crowded dance floors were the norm at disco clubs in the ’70s. Here, teenagers hit the dance floor in 1974.

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Dressed in a Lurex two-piece set and a feather boa, this disco lover is ready for an evening at the club.

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One of the most popular disco divas of the ’70s was Gloria Gaynor. Here, the songstress wears a silver sequin jumpsuit and cape, while delivering a command performance in California.

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A clubgoer dances between the light towers at a discotheque, resulting in a psychedelic and mystical atmosphere.

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Diana Ross takes the stage in a sequin draped dress with a fringe shawl and feathered hairpiece. In 1976, the singer released her first disco song, “Love Hangover,” which promptly reached number 1 on the Billboard pop chart.

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A woman dresses up for a night out at the Le Jardin in New York City in 1975.

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Van Halen bass player, Michael Anthony, lets loose on a night out with his bandmates at an unknown disco club.

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Donna Summer’s music was so popular at discotheques that the singer was dubbed the Queen of Disco. Here, she performs at Radio City Music Hall.

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Famous New York nightclub, Studio 54, opened in 1977. And afterward, the world was never the same—which these two lucky patrons on opening night could probably attest to.

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A young Diane von Furstenberg enjoys a cocktail from a coup glass during a night out at Studio 54.

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Two women embrace the dance floor at New York City’s Studio 54.

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An event at Studio 54 in 1977 brings out the biggest disco icons, including model Jerry Hall, Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry, Truman Capote, and Paloma Picasso.

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The Rolling Stones take over the Trax discotheque in London. The band was launching a new album, Love You Live, by signing autographs for fans.

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Cher shows off her moves during a night out in 1977, while wearing high-waisted blue jeans and a white button-down.

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Fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo and singer Tina Turner join the party during an evening at Studio 54 in 1977.

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Disco dancers take over the dance floor, while performing at the opening of Studio 54.

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Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, Paloma Picasso, enjoys a cocktail at Studio 54 in 1977.

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Shirley Bassey gets a lift from Sterling St. Jacques on the dance floor of Studio 54. The actor and singer were dressed in black tie for the evening, which wasn’t typical attire for the New York nightclub.

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Amid the craziness of the Studio 54 dance floor, the club’s owner Steve Rubell, Bianca Jagger, and Liza Minnelli gather around American fashion designer, Halston, as he lights a cigarette.

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Model Bethann Hardison dons a masquerade mask as she mingles with actress Daniela Morera and fashion designer Stephen Burrows at a party thrown during Studio 54’s heyday.

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Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov trades in his tights for bell-bottoms as he hits the dance floor with Liza Minnelli.

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Yes, those are doves Bianca Jagger is holding. The fashionista celebrates her birthday with an over-the-top celebration at Studio 54.

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Curtis Mayfield commands the crowd at Studio 54 during a night out in 1977.

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Studio 54’s owner, Steve Rubell, offers his friend, artist Andy Warhol, a drink from his glass during an evening of revelry.

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Model and singer Grace Jones stands out in the crowd wearing a hooded dress during an evening at Studio 54.

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