Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Review & Guardians Of The Galaxy Impressions | GI Show


Get ready for some flaming hot takes in the return of Heat Map, our community section where you can send in your own audio and we’ll play your spicy opinion on air (if it’s appropriate that is). This week, we’re hearing from Jonah, Tommy, and Joel about EA and the Star Wars license, Marvel’s Avengers Vs. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Breath of the Wild! We also round out the show with a few good ole fashion write-in questions featuring talks about getting into the video game industry and what happened to the PlayStation Vita!

Read their questions below, or submit your own via the Official Game Informer Community Discord or by emailing us at

I have been listening to the GI crew since the Hanson era, and I finally worked up the courage to write in, I’m twenty-eight years old, and I’m from Cincinnati. My question to everyone is, how do you get into the gaming industry? Gaming is my one true passion, and I want to be in the marketing side of the industry. I have hopes of one day working for Sony, Sucker Punch, or Game Informer. My favorite games are Ghost Of Tsushima,  Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Soul Calibur 6. Thanks again, and talk about more fighting games, please! – Brandon (email)

So, with the switch now getting Bluetooth audio support, and an upcoming OLED screen. Nintendo is finally catching up to the Vita. That said, why do you think the Vita failed so spectacularly when compared to the switch given how advanced it was at the time? Was it because it can’t play Nintendo games? The rejection of standardized data storage? Some combination? Why is the switch so much more successful when it’s technologically only catching up with 2012? – Crayter (Discord) 


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