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All eyes on YOU, Leo! The season of the Lion has arrived, and if you’re not camera-ready, make like your signmate J.Lo and drop a birthday Insta-bomb on ‘em (kissing shot with reunited ex-flame optional). There’s no better day to turn those heads than the August 8 Leo new moon, which marks your personal new year. With your ruler, the radiant Sun, blazing through Leo until Sunday, August 22, you’re at peak levels of productivity and passion. Why not celebrate your birthday all season long? You’ll be percolating with big ideas AND the inspiration to monetize them thanks to go-getter Mars in Virgo energizing your financial district all month, along with money-magnet Venus until August 16. But easy does it, Leo! With all five slow-moving outer planets retrograde by month’s end, your wisest move is to develop the grand plans behind the scenes and plan to release them in early November. On August 22, Virgo season arrives, inviting you to turn your solar return epiphanies into tangible action steps—or at least prioritize one or two that can go the distance. Month’s end puts your most important partnerships in the spotlight when a rare second Aquarius full moon illuminates your committed seventh house. Is it time to seal the deal? (Bennifer, we’re looking at you to start this #officializing party…)


With Leo season in full swing until Sunday, August 22, think: renewed initiatives, fresh starts and focusing on your solo projects. Your birthday is always a great time to ask yourself what you want to accomplish in the coming year. With lucky Jupiter and structured Saturn both in your partnership house until practically the end of the year, the rest of 2021 is ideal for supportive dynamic duos that can go the distance.

Ease into your Leo-ness with a touch more mindfulness during the first week of August as the Sun forms tense angles with two other planets. On Monday, August 2, el Sol will lock into an opposition to restrictive Saturn. This annual clash can dampen spirits with pessimism or, at the least, show you the limits of your big, bold ideas. No need to let cranky Saturn be a total buzzkill, but DO step back and look at ways you can formally restructure your life so that you have time for yourself AND your commitments. If loved ones have gotten the short end of your attention stick, carve out non-negotiable bonding time with them. Quality over quantity, Leo! And if your “me time” tanks have been depleted by all your dependents, get firm about your parameters. 


Friday, August 6, brings a semiannual Sun-Uranus square with the chance of an unexpected work snag disrupting your weekend. You may need to jump in for a quick save, but knowing that this could happen, why not plan in advance? Anticipate any curveballs and prepare your support squad for backup all week. Upgrade your gadgets so you can check in with the office between theme park rides or whatever whirlwind adventures you’ve got on tap! Been stuck in an inspiration rut? Plan something that’s off your usual itinerary. The burst of novelty could help you soar over any plateau.

Happy Leo New Year! Sunday, August 8, brings the year’s only Leo new moon—an additional fresh start that’s all about you and your desires. Where would you like to be six months from now? This new moon sets into motion a long, productive growth cycle that continues until the Leo full moon on February 16, 2022. If you’ve been keeping a low profile, ask yourself: What’s the primary message you want to put out into the world? What are your most cherished personal goals and passion projects—and how can you prioritize them? Set clear intentions to have your talents recognized by the public. Hop up on a soapbox and let people know about a special cause that’s close to your heart. As a naturally captivating Leo, you’ll know just how to take the stage with dignity and flair.


Time to switch gears? Changemaker Uranus will turn retrograde (backward), making a five-month pivot through Taurus and your tenth house of career until January 18, 2022. Your professional life is going through a seven-year reinvention that began on March 6, 2019, when Uranus swept into this ambitious domain of your chart. 


Your goals, public image and responsibilities may have shifted dramatically…or you at least felt the rumblings of a larger change that’s occurring while Uranus is here through April 2026. Liberator Uranus can free you from any structure that feels repressive or confining to your soul. It’s time to drop the accommodating “nice person” mask and unleash the fierce force of nature within you! The tenth house also rules fathers and men. Your relationship with your dad or an important guy could also be undergoing a revolution. 


The lightning-bolt epiphanies of Uranus aren’t always comfortable or easy—even if its goal is to awaken you to your most authentic self. The celestial shock jock specializes in disruption, not mere change. So this retrograde slowdown could actually be a welcome opportunity to integrate everything that’s been shaken and stirred so far this year. Progressive Uranus will reward you for marching to your own beat rather than trying to please others. Use this time to experiment and explore your options. If need be, take on a freelance or consulting project to cover your costs, preferably one that allows you to wear many hats and increase your skills, especially when it comes to technology and teamwork.

Meticulous Virgo season kicks off on Sunday, August 22, heating up your second house of work, money and values and setting off a grounded and pleasurable four-week phase. Brush away the birthday cake crumbs and set up shop. It’s time to take one of those grand Leo-season ideas and build it into something tangible. Get productive and settle into a new routine, like cleaned-up eating or regular workouts. Create a framework for your day-to-day life and welcome whatever gives you a sense of security—whether it’s more money, accolades, helpful allies or a supportive partner.


Speaking of which…your second dose of Aquarius full moon magic arrives on August 22, right as the curtain falls on Leo season. The first one, on July 23, arrived at the start of the Sun’s journey into Leo, illuminating your seventh house of committed relationships and setting the stage for today. Way to bookend your birthday time! Most years, we only get one full moon per sign, but in 2021, we get two in Aquarius, doubling your pleasure and dynamic-duo potential.


Relationships, both business and personal, could turn serious. And hey, not to bring up Leo-Leo rekindled couple “Bennifer” yet agaaaaain, but…with adventurous Jupiter and mature Saturn both in Aquarius for the rest of the year, they could give a live demo of this partnership power. We won’t be surprised if the paps snap them catapulting from birthday-in-France sparklers to say, a pink Harry Winston-level sparkler (part deux) before the end of the year—or maybe even the end of the night!


That kind of spontaneous commitment is further supported by today’s activating Mars-Uranus trine. With these two passionate, spontaneous planets in the most secure and future-focused zones of your chart, a seal-the-deal moment could arrive out of the clear blue. At work, experiment with new technology, apps and productivity solutions in the coming week. An out-of-the-box career opportunity with high profit potential might also land on your desk when you least expect it.



Nobody makes “happily ever after” look as alluring as you do, Leo. While most people’s post-honeymoon snaps are a snore, you know how to make long-term loving feel like an endless honeymoon. Morning breath and athletic shorts paired with a faded “I Woke Up Like This” tee? Even that feels somehow imbued with sweet, captivating magic, especially while charming Venus (until August 16) and sizzling Mars (until September 14) cavort in Virgo and your steady second house. It was 1980s Leo heartthrob Rick Springfield (of “Jesse’s Girl” fame) who said his secret to keeping his relationship hot during the pandemic was “lots of sex”—and that was at the spry-for-a-Leo age of 71! So enjoy showing the world that romance begins, rather than ends, after you commit. We’ll all be taking notes!


But stay on your guard in the second half of the month. Once diplomatic Venus departs Virgo, there could be stress from Mars flying solo in your fiscally minded second house. Money tension could interrupt your dating bliss or cause friction in a close relationship. Your confidence, so charming while Venus added a softer touch, could read as arrogance if you aren’t careful. If you’re feeling the pressure to lock down a commitment before cuffing season, aggro Mars can cause you to come on a bit too strong—or on the receiving end of someone’s demands. Lighten it up a few notches, Leo!


On August 16, Venus moves on to Libra, activating your third house of self-expression and socializing until September 10. This CAN take some of the pressure off “where things are going” or locking down a commitment. At the very least, you’ll be able to talk about it with some measure of tact and mutuality. Not in the mood for high-pressure dating tactics? These three weeks are perfect for just having fun, regardless of your relationship status, and making variety your new favorite spice. Single? Ask friends to introduce you to their friends and let things develop organically. Instead of racing off to some predetermined “end point,” take the time to get to know people’s ideas, opinions and values.

Swing out, feline! Leo season is your time to go big and bold with a solo project or a trailblazing ideas. Experiment instead of taking the safe route, at least until August 22, while the Sun is in your sign. Be intrepid when it comes to checking out profitable new opportunities. With motivating Mars in Virgo and your second house of work and money, you could rev up revenues with an original idea. Warning: Mars adds excitement AND pressure in equal doses. Long hours and short deadlines or an unexpected expense could throw some stress into your summer fun. Prioritize and pare down your commitments so you can focus on the duties that matter most. At the August 8 Leo new moon, the spotlight could find you. It’s also the perfect day to set off on a whole new path, one that will unfold between now and mid-February 2022. But no need to go it alone, Leo. The August 22 Aquarius new moon beams into your dynamic-duo zone, supported by lucky Jupiter and clout-catcher Saturn. A powerful partnership could take your big ideas even further than you expect!


Love Days: 16, 21

Money Days: 28, 10

Luck Days: 25, 8

Off Days: 5, 19, 22


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