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Megan Fox Changed Into a Red-Hot Mini Dress to Match Machine Gun Kelly at a Met Gala After-Party

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s Met Gala debut didn’t happen last night—just Fox’s—but the couple did step out for an after-party together. Post-gala, Fox changed out of her red lace-up Dundas gown into a red sequin asymmetrical Dundas x Revolve mini dress. Kelly joined her in his own black and red look. He paired a snakeskin jacket with a sheer black top and patent pants. (Kelly had a performance in Central Park that evening, although his show was cut short due to rain.)


Kelly and Fox have been dating for over a year and have made no secret of how madly in love they are. At the MTV VMAs on Sunday, Fox called Kelly her future baby daddy on camera.

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And in July, InStyle released an in-depth profile on Fox, and the magazine asked Kelly about what she’s like. His response was very deep and underscored how far from shallow their relationship is.

“She’s like the earth,” he started. “When it’s summer, it’s the hottest summer. When it’s winter, it’s the most amazing chill. In the fall and spring, it’s a beautiful transition. She is unlike any person I have ever met in my life.”

“I just want people to understand this is real,” he continued. “I don’t think people get the opportunity to believe in real, great love, and that’s what we have together.” Kelly said that he and Fox are committed to each other on a “different level.”

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