Pisces Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF August 30 – September 5, 2021

Life takes a turn for the esoteric this Monday, August 30 as mindful Mercury plunges into Libra and your seductive, mysterious eighth house. You’ve never feared the shadows, Pisces; in fact, as the ruler of the dream realm, you are quite comfortable exploring hidden worlds. Become a regular at the metaphysical bookstore (and at their virtual lectures). Connect to your own “energetic body” through meditation, shamanic drumming and yoga. Work with practitioners who can help you gain a greater understanding of your own inner workings. And if you’re ready to become one yourself, there couldn’t be a better time to find a mentor-teacher to be your guide. This longer-than-usual Mercury cycle lasts until November 5 and includes a murky retrograde from September 27 to October 18. During the backspin, keep your most grounded friends in close communication. You’ll need them as anchors, so make sure you don’t float TOO far away from this Earth plane reality.

This seductive spell casts some magic over your romantic life, too. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign and keep a firm privacy policy in place. Things could get pretty sultry behind closed doors. An old flame could light your fire during the retrograde, but don’t rush back in. The “change” they claim to make might be more of a mirage than a reality—you just won’t know until after November 5. If you’re seeing someone, be fair warned: You’re going to be taking everything a lot more personally over the next couple months. You might even feel possessive or prickly with the object of your affections, but these are not emotions you want to act upon in an unfounded way. Keep a strong support system—friends and therapists alike—in place so you don’t freak out on the one you adore. But for the most part, pillow talk should be spicy, even if discussions turn to “happily ever after” bonding. No need to rush, you can plan this out carefully.

Talk about being in high demand! Energetic Mars is moving through Virgo and your partnership house all week. Everyone wants a piece of your time and for the most part, you’re happy to oblige. But on Thursday, the red planet will face off against hazy Neptune in Pisces, making you distracted and even a bit self-absorbed. Pro tip: Don’t overschedule yourself. If you start zoning out mid-convo, that’s your cue that you need some alone time. Even ten or fifteen minutes of serenity is better than nothing—especially for a sign like yours that soaks up people’s emotions like a sponge!

Romantic lines could get blurry this Sunday as alluring Venus in your seduction zone gets checked by magnetic Pluto your house of platonic partnerships. Just friends…or is a benefits package being offered? Even the most innocent exchange could be charged with innuendos. You might sense that there’s more brewing below the surface of basic conversation. You’re not wrong, Pisces, but is this worth digging into? You could open Pandora’s box by going “there.” If it’s not a flirtatious vibe you’re sensing, a friend could be angling for a collaboration that may be more trouble than it’s worth for you. Steer talks away from anything formal or businesslike, unless you know this could be a win-win.

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