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Prince William: tech tycoons should ditch space tourism to save Earth


rince William has launched an extraordinary broadside against space tourism and the private space race aimed at colonising new planets.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newscast, The Duke of Cambridge says all this know-how would be better deployed saving planet Earth.

It comes a day after William Shatner made history as the oldest person in space after blasted off with Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin.

The UN says we’re tearing through Earth’s precious materials so fast that we’ll run out of  compounds to build things like solar panels and heart pacemakers by next century.

The organisation claims the mountain of e-waste thrown away this past year will weigh 57 millions tons, and that’s heavier than the weight of the Great Wall of China.

Remember getting down to the market for a bit of the age-old art of the haggle looking for a good deal?

At London’s Retail Week Live, we met Rosie Bailey, co-founder of AI chatbot Nibble, who says you can now do just that.

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