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Taurus Monthly Horoscope



Home is where the action is for most of this month, Taurus. With the regal, protective Leo Sun warming up your domesticity zone until August 22, Chateau Toro will be a bustling hub. Whether you’re shopping for a pour-over coffee brewer and a new ceramic mug or scouting an entirely new address, you’ll crave strong, secure roots. Unleash your creativity while you’re at it! Go-getter Mars is in Virgo until mid-September, heating up your artistic and passionate fifth house. (Translation: You could be entertaining a sexy guest or two at your newly zhushed abode). You’ll get even more cosmic support around home and family matters at the August 8 Leo new moon. Check in with the clan and soak up quality time. With expansive Jupiter back in Aquarius and your career sector until the very end of 2021, maintaining work-life balance will be crucial. 


But patience, Bull: By mid-August, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto) will be in powered-down retrograde. It’s a less favorable time for making big moves or heading off in new directions. Save those ambitious efforts for October, and calmly develop your plans until then. Think: Steady and sensual; stable and attentive. Does anybody do that better than you, Taurus? Once Virgo season begins on August 22, you get planetary permission to play as the Sun heats up your fifth house of passion, pleasure and fame. Book that late-summer getaway and enjoy!


With the Sun in warm-hearted Leo activating your fourth house of home and family until Sunday, August 22, domestic bliss is the top item on your August agenda. Focus on self-care, family matters and your emotional foundation. Show your most loyal people know how grateful you are for their love and support by making them a priority. But try to keep their expectations realistic during the first week of the month. 


On Monday, August 2, the annual Sun-Saturn opposition could pile on work demands, interrupting your homey flow. You may also need to set some firm boundaries with a relative who’s testing your limits. Break away for some duty-free time on Friday, August 6, when the Sun squares off with spontaneous Uranus in Taurus. Take a mini-weekend getaway or dress up and have a proper Friday night on the town. Just be careful: If you’ve been letting turbulent emotions brew to a boiling point, this Saturn-Uranus clash could find them all spilling out in unceremonious and disruptive ways. Watch your intake and make sure to stay fed and hydrated.


Who wants to visit? Open your doors and put your consummate hosting skills to use. Upgrade the cozy factor with decadent touches like cooling cotton percale sheets on the guest bed (be sure to snag a set for yourself). Head to a beach town for a family camping trip or book a spa day with your bestie. Are you craving more affection? Take your rightful place as CEO of Hugs and give out the comforting squeezes (safety precautions in mind, of course). You’ll be sure to get some nice ones back in return. Never mind cuffing season—it’s cuddling season first!


From house-hunting to doctoring your decor to enriching your bonds, the August 8 Leo new moon adds a special, heartfelt glow to everything. Your natural creativity is also sparked: Honor your urge to beautify and nurture by inviting a small group over for a home-cooked meal or a night of crafts (and craft cocktails). Break out the art supplies and fun projects! Make a fresh start with any home-related endeavors and work toward manifesting them completely by the February 16 Leo full moon in six months. If you need to repair a relationship with a relative, particularly a female-identified one, this new moon is ideal for extending an olive branch or just booking some quality time. Where could YOU use more self-care, nurturing and emotional centeredness? 


For the rest of the year, Uranus will backslide through your first house of individuality, fresh starts and passion projects. The rapid changes could slow down a bit, giving you a chance to integrate it all, especially the big career and lifestyle changes that have been ushered in by both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and your ambitious tenth house. For many Bulls, the more measured pace between now and January 18, 2022, could be a relief. Pause on any extreme makeovers of yourself, a business or your life. Take it all in and correct course as needed. You’ve seen so many new paths and possibilities: Which ones have any kind of staying power? If you’ve struggled to gain traction on a big idea, Uranus retrograde could finally help it take root.


Just don’t get TOO settled! Disruptor Uranus is the planet of change and progress. This retrograde is an excellent time to really look at yourself, your habits and any internal changes you need to take on. Admit it: Your sign’s rep as stubborn isn’t entirely undeserved. What are you clinging to that no longer serves you? If you back-burnered a change that seemed too daunting last year, the latter part of 2021 could turn out to be the perfect time for a scaled-down version.


When Virgo season kicks off on Sunday, August 22, the Sun enters your passionate and fun-loving fifth house for a month of summertime pleasure, play and self-expression. Whether it’s a few sun-kissed romantic interludes or a burst of creative inspiration, Virgo season can deliver heart-opening moments aplenty. We know you like to plan, Taurus, but please don’t squander these joyful four weeks by going into early “back to school” or “back to work” mode. Summer ain’t over till the equinox arrives on September 22, so soak up every drop of it until then. Lead with your adventurous side now.


To the top, Taurus! The ultra-rare second Aquarius full moon of 2021 lights the evening sky today, signaling a major career breakthrough or professional change as it activates your tenth house of career, leadership and recognition. Look back to the February 11 Aquarius new moon and last month’s Aquarius full moon on July 23 for clues about what could manifest. And don’t be surprised if a memorable professional victory is in the works! 


Take some risks and let your genius ideas shine. That same day, go-getter Mars in your creative fifth house will form an activating trine (120-degree angle of harmony) with innovative Uranus in Taurus. Translation: Put yourself out there in a head-turning way, and don’t be afraid to use a touch of shock factor to grab their attention in a crowded marketplace. 


The tenth house rules fathers, authority figures and male-identified people. Your relationship with someone who fits this description could take on special significance today. Looking to change careers or move up to the next level? The Aquarius full moon could bring an out-of-the-blue opportunity—and with the revolutionizing Mars-Uranus trine, the farther out of the box you can swing, the better. Try a new approach! 


You’re positively incandescent this month as lusty Mars blazes through Virgo and your flirtatious, amorous fifth house from July 29 to September 14. And the other love planet (Venus) will tag-team Mars through this sector right up until August 16, making the first half of August a spicy, sensual time to turn heads and draw attention. If you’re single, make some bolder moves instead of playing it safe.


While Mars in Virgo is rocket fuel for your romantic tanks, if you’re not single or available, you need to watch that this doesn’t go to your head and tempt you to cross a line. Mars dials up libidinous instincts as well as drama, jealousy and petty bickering. Keep that temper in check! If you’ve got babies on the brain, virile Mars in your fertile fifth house could be the catalyst that leads to pregnancy news. Consider yourself notified!


After August 16, Venus moves into Libra and your sensible sixth house, adding a touch of temperance to your temptations. This may not be a bad thing, Taurus, but it could make you feel a bit of whiplash as you’re pulled in dueling directions. “Chaste makes waste” as the saying goes…but heed hygienic Virgo’s warnings and make sure you keep those hookups or hot dates safe.

August is a mix of business and personal activity, with opportunities to balance these two key areas. The Sun is in Leo until August 22, energizing your domestic fourth house. It’s a great time to set up a beautiful and inspiring home office or just book some restorative downtime. But don’t expect to have any lengthy vacations because your professional sector is ablaze too! For the rest of the year, expansive Jupiter and structured Saturn are marching side by side through Aquarius and your tenth house of ambition and professional achievements. A big idea could take shape in surprising ways, and some well-connected power players could even come aboard. Circle August 22 as a major moment. As a grand finale to Leo season, a rare second full moon arrives in Aquarius (the first was July 23), sending its visionary beams straight into your sector of success. Make the most of it!

Love Days: 10, 14

Money Days: 30, 21

Luck Days: 28, 19

Off Days: 25, 12, 16



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