Tech & Science Daily: Fans of EDM star 3lau ‘could earn Bi



he DJ known by the moniker of 3Lau is behind the first non-fungible token album.

3Lau fans will receive a tiny payment every time the song, called Worst Case, is streamed.

There’s a catch – by doing so you will need to sign up for 3lau’s new blockchain-powered marketplace, called Royal.

Nasa is counting down to the launch of its most powerful Earth observation satellite.

Landsat 9 is set to blast off from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California strapped to an Atlas V rocket along with four small cubesats that will also be sent into orbit on weather missions.

Several key Apple and Tesla suppliers say they stopped production on Sunday at some of their Chinese factories to comply with the country’s tighter energy consumption policy.

The temporary stop to production puts supply-chain continuity at risk during a peak season for electronics goods including the latest iPhones.

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