The 15 Best Nail Polish Removers You Need For A Fresh Mani


Full disclosure: I’m a polish chipper. I’ll slowly peel off gel polish, leaving delicate, ruined nail beds underneath. I forcibly evict press-ons after an hour, glue be damned. Nail polish remover? No thanks, I’d rather completely ruin my hands and then complain about how my nails always break and never grow long. So I get it. If the thought of maturely soaking a cotton round in acetone offends you, just know it offends me too. But we’re adults now. It’s time to stop leaving little piles of nail polish on whichever surface happens to be in our vicinity. I’m tired of paying someone to remove my gel nails when I paid to get them put on in the first place.

So welcome to polish chipper recovery. Here, we invest in nail polish removers. For the gel manis, we bring you liquids strong enough to break down those bonds. For a light coat of polish, we bring you the classics in the family. For the acetone-wary, we bring gentle alternatives. I will offer you every possible option so that together we can stop anxiously chipping off polish. Below, find the 15 best nail polish removers that are so satisfying, you won’t even miss that delightful first peel of an at-home gel manicure removal.


Soy Nail Polish Remover

For a classic run-of-the-mill mani, you don’t need to reach for strong chemicals. This soy-based, essential oil-infused nail polish remover is actually good for your nail beds, but will still remove any trace of lacquer.


Ultra-Powerful Nail Polish Remover

This stuff is powerful. It can remove even annoying glitter and super dark polish, so you can get clean nails without scrubbing at your hands for an hour. Used correctly, it can even remove gel polish.


Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

For those who don’t want to accumulate a pile cotton balls, you can actually dip your finger into this nail polish remover-soaked sponge, twist around, and then suddenly have polish-free hands.


Remove+ 3 in 1 Formula

If you can’t go a few days without having polish, then this nail polish remover was made for you. Not only does it remove color quickly and easily, but it also conditions and preps your nails for their next journey.


Gel Polish Remover Pads

This little box comes with 100 (!!!) individually wrapped nail polish removing pads for life on the go. Say goodbye to accidentally spilling an entire bottle of acetone all over your clothes in your luggage.


Rose Polish Remover

You know that sickly, chemical smell that you just accepted came with manicures? Well, this polish actually manages to smell good, with a combination of clean ingredients and soothing rosehip.


Kwik Off Nail Color Remover

This gentle nail polish comes in sponge form, so you don’t need a bunch of different equipment to achieve clean nails. Just dip a finger in, let it sit for a moment, then remove your now blank hands.


Kur Strengthening Lacquer Remover

For nails that need some TLC, this acetone-free polish remover contains plenty of antioxidants for healthy, strong nails. 


Non-Toxic Soy Nail Polish Remover

This remover skipped the chemicals and instead uses natural oils to gently remove lacquer. It also smells like yummy grapefruit, which is a nice change from the headache-inducing scent most nail polish removers have.


100% Pure Acetone

This stuff is the real deal. If you gravitate toward harder to remove polishes, like gel, or glitter, dark tones, or false nails, this stuff will get it off. Since it’s pure acetone, it’s not for the faint of heart. But damn, it works well.


Nail Polish Remover

With soybean and lavender essential oils, this plastic-free nail polish remover is gentle for both the planet and your hands.


Nail Polish Corrector Remover Pen

If you just need a quick touch-up, these remover pens will let you fix any mistakes without having to completely start your manicure over again. 


Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover

This one-ingredient nail polish remover contains no chemicals, has barely any scent, and was made with sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in mind. If you’re looking for a new way to remove your polish without harming your hands or the world, this is a must-have.


Strawberry Nail Polish Remover

This no-muss no-fuss nail polish remover does everything you want it to: It removes all traces of lacquer at a bargain without stinking up your entire apartment.


Acetone Nail Polish Remover Pads

For a quick polish removal, these pre-packaged nail polish remover wipes are easy to travel with.

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