The Malibu Farm Dinner Party Playlist


For our dinner party with Helene Henderson—the chef/owner of iconic restaurant Malibu Farm—Helene’s son, Casper created a dinner party playlist to capture the beachy, upbeat mood that reflected the laid-back atmosphere and surf vibes of our evening together. With chill tracks from artists like Phoenix, Beach House, and Tame Impala, the music was the perfect backdrop as we sipped watermelon cocktails, dug into grilled Mahi with olives, and savored the mountain views. Scroll on for the Malibu Farm Dinner Party Playlist…

Just like lighting candles and dimming the lights, the right music sets the tone for an entire gathering. Here are a few things to consider when putting together your own dinner party playlist:

Curate a playlist that lets you be hands-off.

Make sure there are no songs that will disrupt the vibe and make you get up to change it, and that the playlist will last for the duration of the event. There are plenty of things to think about when you’re hosting a party—music doesn’t need to be one of them. Our Malibu Farm Dinner Party Playlist is three hours and 39 minutes long, which is just right for drinks, dinner, and chilling around the fire.

Match the ambiance of the dinner to the music.

Don’t overthink this one. Having a taco night doesn’t mean that you need to play mariachi music, but also don’t play club music at a low-key dinner. The Malibu Farm Dinner Party Playlist is upbeat, but still relaxed, and has a good mix of classics and fresh sounds.

Nail the volume level.

You don’t want your guests shouting over the music, but you also don’t want it to be awkwardly quiet either. Play around with volume before everyone arrives to get it just right. When in doubt, I err on the side of playing music slightly louder than I think is appropriate, since once guests fill the space, it’ll start to dim down against the noise of conversation.

In the haste of getting food on the table and making sure everyone’s drinks are full, don’t forget this easy yet crucial step to hosting the ultimate dinner party. Listen to The Malibu Farm Dinner Party Playlist here, and queue it up for parties all year long.

**This playlist is from our Tastemakers interview with Helene Henderson. Read the full story here!**


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