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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Foodie Friend Looking to Expand Their Global Kitchen

Sonoko Sakai The Curry Brick Kit

For the home chef who lives for flavor but needs help prepping, this curry brick kit will set them up for success. Writer, teacher, and cook, Sonoko Sakai says that the five keys to her cooking philosophy are freshness, seasonality, simplicity, beauty, and economy. At its most fundamental level, her philosophy is about respecting ingredients and letting their natural flavor come through, and she does just that through her curry brick kit.

All you need to do is toast, grind and blend the kit spices together to create a curry powder that’s ready to be used in a number of wonderful recipes, or turned into a roux for a Japanese Curry. The curry brick recipe—featured in the New York Times—comes from the Japanese pantry recipes in her latest book, Japanese Home Cooking, and is the ultimate way to use flavor in your kitchen.

Sonoko Sakai The Curry Brick Kit, $18

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