Total War: Warhammer III Shows Off In Grand Cathay Trailer


Total War: Warhammer was recently delayed into 2022 from its initial 2021 projected release window. That’s not surprising at all these days, given the deluge of delays that the game industry is facing due to multiple factors. Most prominently, COVID-19’s impact on production pipelines and almost every aspect of game development is something that the vast majority of industry companies are still dealing with. So, we won’t be playing Total War: Warhammer III this year. However, there’s a new trailer with plenty of surprises featuring Grand Cathay. You can check it out below and see some really fun/cool stuff coming to the franchise with its third entry.

You can also see our reviews for Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II right here. While the shift to the fantastical Warhammer franchise for Total War was initially considered a questionable proposition, the exceptional quality of these games has shown that moving things away from the purely historical was an inspired choice for the longstanding PC franchise. What do you think about the Total War: Warhammer games? 


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