Video: England to Ease International Travel Restrictions


Today, we’re announcing a new, simpler, easier system, which will decrease the burden on people traveling and stay in place at least till the new year. It means you won’t have to take a pre-departure test. The Day 2 P.C.R. test will be scrapped in favor of a lateral flow, and all of this is only available because so many people have been vaccinated. Nine out of 10 adults in this country are there, and its enabled us to scrap the traffic light system and make travel easier for people once again while still maintaining that protection for everybody’s health. If you’ve not been vaccinated and I don’t mean for a medical reason, but just because you choose not to be vaccinated, then, of course, you would have to carry on taking the additional test, which does involve the extra money. Most people will say nine out of 10 adults have been vaccinated in this country, so this simply doesn’t apply to most people. And actually, the other thing I’m announcing today is there’s going to be over 50 countries where we’re going to recognize their vaccine programs in addition to the E.U. and the United States. So, many other countries now will come into that regime where people can come here and they won’t need to take P.C.R. tests and self-isolate.


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