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I was browsing through scarves at Nordstrom and found myself pulled to this McQueen scarf. Is it not the perfect additional layer as we head into fall? The McQueen skulls are obviously a classic by this point, but they also feel like a kind of adorable nod to Halloween.

On a side note, isn’t it funny how modern items become classics — they hit, they’re trendy, and after a few years you start to think, “boy, I really like that item, but it must be going out of style soon.” I remember thinking this a loooong time ago about the McQueen scarves, almost 10 years ago. And yet they’re still here, and I’m still drooling over them.

(I finally bought a McQueen scarf a few years ago but it’s a very lightweight silk with white/light blue skulls, so I feel like it’s more of a spring scarf. I bought a second one in black and purples that I returned, but now wish I’d kept — my thinking at the time was that I probably wouldn’t wear it to networking/mentoring events because of the theme so I couldn’t justify the cost in my head.)

If you love something, readers, how do you know if it’s a dying trend or if it’s an up-and-coming classic?

(I would also put thigh-high flat boots in this category, like the Weitzman 50/50s — yet I’m still seeing a ton of influencers suggesting outfits with them this year. I’d also put Valentino rockstuds in this category!)

The pictured scarf is $395 at Nordstrom; on the more affordable side of things there are also a ton of new colors/prints of the $45ish modal scarves from Nordstrom brand.

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