What Console Annoyances Still Need A Fix?


Console developers are able to update modern hardware through firmware updates, adding new features and fixing other user problems. This last week, both Nintendo and Sony released firmware updates that resolved various user issues for each console. 

The Nintendo Switch received a firmware update that enabled Bluetooth connectivity for the four-year-old system, so you can finally use your Apple AirPods with the Switch. Better late than never. 

Meanwhile, Sony’s new PlayStation 5 update offers a variety of quality-of-life changes. For example, your system library now clearly distinguishes between PlayStation 5 and 4 versions of the same game. You can now customize the Control Center menu. And, maybe most importantly, the update enables internal storage expansion, meaning PS5 owners can install their own SSD into the console as a way to expand the system’s internal storage. 

These are all welcome changes, but no console is ever 100 percent perfect. For example, I’d personally love for my PlayStation and Switch to automatically log me in every time I turn them on. My Xbox does that, so why can’t my other systems? Also, I don’t appreciate how Sony changed how you turn off the console between the PS4 and PS5. I wish there were a way to customize how you turn off every console, so you could choose if you want to hold down the home button or if you’d prefer to perform a different action to turn off your system. 

What about you? What other firmware updates would you like to see? How would you make your favorite console better? 


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