Workshop Simulator Looks Like One Of The Most Wholesome Games To Date


One of my favorite games from the last few years is Farm Together, a relaxing cooperative crop-raising experience with no fail states or reasons to panic. Intermarum’s upcoming Workshop Simulator looks to deliver a similar gameplay vibe, only instead of tending to fields; you’re restoring vintage items. The developer describes this gameplay as an “idyllic, comfy, and relaxing experience.”

Slated to release exclusively on PC on October 26, Workshop Simulator gives you the tools to clean up, disassemble, rebuild, and paint items that hold meaning to your family. You’ll be working with your grandfather, who will tell you stories about your family with each new item that is pulled out of the attic.

The amount of time and care you put into each item is entirely up to you. You can make them look new again, completely change their color, or just hide the most serious damage to make them presentable.

From the recently released Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 to next week’s Bus Simulator 21, we’re seeing more job-driven games than ever before. This genre is evolving in fascinating ways, including this week’s release of the goofy Surgeon Simulator 2: Access All Areas on Xbox One. 


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